The natural pools emerged as an evolution of ornamental ponds for gardening, achieving absolute transparency in filtration resources, making the use of these systems feasible in swimming pools. Although there are countries that have always used ornamental reservoirs as baths, it is not until 10 years ago that a quality of water transparency efficient enough to be compared with that of chlorinated pools has not been achieved.

Now we can say that not only are they as transparent as chlorinated pools, but they are healthier, as they do not alter the cellular mortality of the skin, as we do not share the bathroom space with the aggressive products that eliminate and degrade waste and that they also do it with the skin, it also integrates naturally in the environment of the landscape, they allow to share the water with its usual inhabitants. They also attract birds and squirrels, which come to drink water, without it being a death trap, as conventional pools have been up to now.

Products and Systems

Sugar Valley

Automation products

ProfiClear filtration

Filters for the bio pools.

UV lamps

Bitron Eco 240 W


The cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools.

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